With Dash - Every last mile comes first.

A platform built with a state of the art delivery tech stack, enables your business to execute, manage and track shipments efficiently and at scale. 

Shipping between customers, stores, warehouses, suppliers or anything in between – we have you covered. 

How it Works

Seamlessly create your jobs from one screen or via our API. With our customizable workflows – automate your processes the way you want. 

No more spending time on manual data entry or fetching information from multiple sources. 

Our AI driven rate engine aggregates multiple suppliers. 

Via an automated workflow, or your portal – choose which provider you prefer with clear visibility on time and cost estimates. 

With a single paged dashboard – have complete visibility on whats happening with your shipments. 

Our state of the art tool provides you with a complete log of all shipments. Delays Expected? Cancellations expected? 

Helping you staying on-top with the simplicity of a click. 

With integrations to 1000’s of providers – Dash allows you to design workflows based on built in and third party triggers. 

Design the jobs the way you want them to be executed and managed



Want to sent your customer updates by SMS, Mail, web links? Our tool now allows you to do so with custom notification branding. 

Our Value Proposition

With the growth of your digital businesses or e-commerce, Dash enables you to operate seamlessly. We drill down the basics, so you can focus on what matters the most. 

Cross Border

With our network of agents, Dash shipments are not bound to regional borders.


Efficient execution backed by smart warehousing solutions

Custom Clearance

A know how in local formalities. We help with documents, process and regulations

On Demand

An all inclusive delivery experience. Whether you require tucks or bikes - Dash delivers.

Business Intelligence

Backed by state of the are business intelligence and analytical reports

API Integration

Easy to use pluggable APIs which integrate with existing workflows


With package level visibility - rest assured all items are handled with care.


Complete visibility on tracking and updates - which can also be shared with end clients.

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